Deck Swiper, current record always seems to be the 1st record

I have a question about the Deck Swiper feature, when triggering an action the current record always seems to be the first record in the list. for example a table of four records attached the a deck swiper (image 1) renders ok,

But if i swipe left on the third record, the action is triggered by the “current record” is the first in the list (images 2 and 3), image 3 clearly shows the data has been updated in record 1 and not record 3 (the one swiped to the left)

so am I doing something wrong, or is there a bug in the control?


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Hi Joe,

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I’m sorry that you are facing this issue. I saw some posts about this issue and not sure if it is fixed for them. For me it’s sometimes happens and sometimes not.

You can Submit a support ticket.

And you can try this Deck Swiper made by Pragmaflow too :

Thank you

Thank you for your swift reply,

If it “sometimes happens and sometimes not” then that would suggest it works in curtain conditions but not others, does anyone know what these would be? Its such a simple test I have performed with one table and one screen that follows recommend usage, to me the component appears not to work, however there will be a number of users who have managed to implement it I guess, so the question remains: How to get the current record?

I am new to Adalo so have a question about Pragmaflow, why aren’t the controls in the Adalo market place? and if I use one could the functionality change without warning?