Deck swiper with airtable connection

Hi there, I feel like an absolute idiot. But here is my question to all of you. I’ve been using Adalo for a while now and used the deck swiper with Airtable connection without any problem. Until today.

I do not know what I messed up. But it is ruined.

When I swipe right I want to create a new row in a Adalo database. That works. Only on all my other desk swipes to the right the same row is created (from 1st row in Airtable). And thus not the current tile.

How on earth is this possible. Here is what I already did:

  • tried to create row based on current deck swipe
  • restored airtable connection
  • deleted everything a million times and build it again

I need this for my business to run smoothly. What can I have done wrong?



The same thing is happening to me. I figure it’s what happens when you swipe too fast and the module doesn’t get a chance to change the “current” item.

I slowed down and it didn’t happen anymore.

@yelkhayami Could you help us look into it?

Thanks, that could be. But should not happen. I believe that must be the case. I deleted the ‘swiper’ and created something myself.

Hi @floboost ,

First of all I’m sorry for reopening this old topic. But thought to share this here!

Today I saw this question when reading some Old Topics. And thought to share about the Deck Swiper component from Pragmaflow.

You can read here :

I tested with Airtable too and it’s working too!

Give it a try!

Thank you