Bug - Horizontal list component missing

I cloned the horizontal list app from Adalo’s YouTube video.

On all Editor and Preview screens I get the same error - Missing component : horizontal-list.AvatarList

Anyone else managed to get horizontal list working?

Okay so I got it working.
Problem was with cloning - there’s always some link broken whenever apps are cloned. The specific component wasn’t cloned properly.

I manually deleted all instances of the component, and added them all one-by-one back again, and linked them to collections individually based on guesswork.

Problem is the whole point of the Original Adalo app was to understand different stylings possible etc., which can’t be recreated once you delete the ‘component not found’ component from original app.

I guess someone else can chime in on how to recover the original list styles to duplicate. Or you gotta do the hard work of watching the launched youtube video, & then trial-&-error :grin:

Okay thanks.

Please someone help with correct clonable app & UI style settings

We have been experiencing some server issues over the course of the last few days which I feel may have interrupted certain features of Adalo and cause them not to function correctly.

These issues are now resolved and I would urge you to retest this function in Adalo to see if you still experience any issues with it.

Colin, clonable app still not working for me. Sharing the latest video as of Oct 27.

Thanks for the video. This cloneable was released before the component was available. Seems we need to update that cloneable now that we have the released version of the avatar list.

Thanks everyone, this has now been updated and fixed!

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@ashley & @Colin - yup, the new cloneable app is working :+1:. Thanks

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