Bug in chat screen

I decided to add image sending in my app’s chat, before it was working normally, but now it has this bug

I’m also sending you how to assemble the screen

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Is it possible that you accidentally made listen from the chat bubble on the left?

I didn’t quite understand what you meant, my english is kinda bad, sorry, but if you’re asking if I touched the chat bubble on the list on the left, I’ve already checked it anyway, touching it or not

Hey @Gio126

It would be helpful if you could record your screen and show how you have everything set up within the list. Include the list settings, the groups within the list, and the visibility settings for each group and component.

Without knowing how everything is set up, it’s impossible to troubleshoot.

I recommend using Loom to record your screen. It’s free.

Recording your screen and showing each component should only take a couple of minutes and is way more detailed than a couple of screenshots.

Hi @Gio126 ,

If you can share your cloneable app, we can identity more detail or if you can give access to your app as team member, even more helpful.

My initial guess would be that you need to group the image with text and box together.

hello, how do I give access to the app?

I will message you.

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