Bug? - iOS App user input text not visible

Possible bug for iOS App deployed in Sept 2020 (it’s called Good Doctors App)

User input is not visible (like white on white), found on
component Date Picker
screen Password Reset
screen Create New Password

This bug is found on iPhone11 (software version iOS13.7)
This bug is found on iPhone 8 (software version iOS13.7)
This bug is found on iPad Pro (software version iOS13.5.1)

Bug is NOT found in Preview
Bug is NOT found on iPhone 5 (software version 10.3.4)

Problem is only found on iOS Native App. Web App works fine.

Anyone else has this problem? Is there a fix or workaround?


The fix for these issues has already been deployed. It was an issue with the display settings from light mode vs dark mode. You will need to create a new build and then you’ll be set.

Thanks for the update!

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