Bug - Magic Colour Rectangle (Who to ask?)

Q: Who do we contact when we find bugs in 3rd party marketplace components?

I’ve noticed a problem with the magic colour rectangle component on some resolutions:

iPhone 11 Pro and Galaxy S20 (Great!)

IPhone 11 Pro Max, Pixel 4 or Landscape view on any phone in the web app (Not so great!)

Thanks for your help!

Note, I see the same right edge alignment issue with simple element configurations like the one below, so this isn’t an issue caused by the elements being part of a three-part tab interface.

You can submit a ticket here: https://info.adalo.com/submit-a-support-ticket

Have done, thank you @Colin

The answer, for those also looking, is to submit a ticket as per Colin’s tip.

The support team will then test and contact the component designer but there’s no way for them to know if/when the designer will fix the bug!

Best, A

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