Bug multiple click actions - not triggered

Hello everybody !
I am French so sorry in advance for my English.

I have a problem with a multiple click actions. I have 6 in a row (including 1 custom action) but only the 1st is triggered but not the other actions. Did I abuse actions or did I do something wrong?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Multiple actions click|422x420

I don’t know if you have structured each of the actions correctly - it could be the first one fails and then the other don’t attempt - there are several things that could be off. However, if we assume that all your actions are correct I did see a reference in this video Creating Custom Searches and Search Bars in Adalo - YouTube about there being issues with some events not happening because of a lag due to the first event not being completed. They began to address this issue just after the 4 min mark in the video.

Thank you for your reply !

I tested action by action. There are 2 that do not work but I do not know where the problem comes from …
Thank you for the video I hope I can find a solution

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