Prevent multiple button clicks


I’m really liking the new custom actions and I’m using it a lot for my app. It is a great improvement.

Now I found this little problem:

  • I have a button that trigger a custom action (let’s say an API call that create a new thing in a external DB).
  • The user press the button
  • The call starts, and after a while (usually really fast) the API call is completed

The problem is in the time between the press of the button and the completment of the api: I didn’t find any method to inform the user that something is doing in the background.

And I noticed that sometimes the user - without any feedback - tends to click several time, starting several time the same api call.

So, there is a way to give a feedback to the user when an API is running or, at least, disable the button?

I tried something like that:
The button has two actions: the first starts the API call, the second link to another screen. But the problem is that the second actions starts with a delay so this doesn’t solve.

Any idea?

Thank you so much!

Would it work with conditional visibility? Have a date/time field in the user’s collection “last clicked button at” and update this as the first step on the workflow.

Only show the button if “last clicked button at” is more than 1 minute ago, for example?

I’m not sure if this will work, but possibly worth a go?

Did you try to use a modal screen for feedback/confirmation that covers the button? Or is this also to slow showing up?

Yes, I will try this solution. A little bit tricky but definetely worth to try!
Thank you for the idea.

Would be nice to have, for sure, more conditional options from Adalo.

I’m already in a modal… Anyway for what I see navigation action starts always after the custom API actions