Bug with conditional access?

Trying to show content only when a user is not logged in. I have set the following:

If a user is not logged in, the content does not show.

When showing content for any user that is logged in, the following settings do work:
Visibility: Sometimes Visible
Will be visible if:
All Users
Logged in User

I would also like to use this conditional access for links as well. Example, send a user to a login page versus a profile page depending if they are already logged in.

Hi Dave. I’m not sure if there’s a conditional mechanism for pages with Adalo (I don’t think so), but I’ve created what I think you’re trying to create by grouping what’s on the page and then setting the visibility of that group to sometimes visible if the logged in user --> email --> is not equal to --> empty. If your users’ email is mandatory, then it will perform the same if/then function.

They would end up on an empty page, so you can also add a button or a text that says “log in” then set that visibility to sometimes if the logged in user, email, is empty. That would prompt the user to log in.

Thanks for the tip. I have been able to get it to work with linking buttons. But I have not been able to get it to work if I have two groups on a page. Trying to make one component group visible to logged in users, and one group visible to users that are not logged in. I seem to be able to make it work if I apply the logic to only one group on a page. I still think it is a bug in that the logic is not working under many scenarios.

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Shouldn’t it be IF Current User is Not Logged in?

That would be a great option to have!

Legend! I’ve been trying to find a solution for ages. :pray:

To show content only to a user who is not logged in, set the conditional visibility to:

Logged in User> Email
Is Equal to