Linking to a point in app

I am concerned that if I copy the website link I’m in and paste it in a browser it will show all the information even if there is no user logged in, nor info selected. In my app people are able to input sensitive data. It is a budgeting app. Is there a way I can avoid this? That if you are not logged in you are redirected to Signup in ANY link in my app domain?

Yes, you can do 2 things here:

  1. Set up visibility rule for all components (create one single group of them all) with the rule “If Logged In User is not equal to empty”. This will then only show all these components only to users who are logged in.

  2. You can create an action on the screen itself to link to the sign up or login screen based on a conditional rule. The action will only happen when… “Logged In User is equal to empty”.

Thank you. I will try the second one, because adding the condition on every single component could be very tedious. I am currently at 70 pages, so I’m guessing a lot more components haha.

Like I mentioned in the above post, you can group all the components together and apply a rule to them all at once…

ahhhh, of course hahaha. :man_facepalming:t2:

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