Bug within the DB

When you try and manually upload a “file” from the back-end, it thinks it wants an image, so I get an error saying I can only upload .jpg or png image files. But I just need to upload a .doc file, which I can when I’m uploading it while filling out the form.
yes, manually adding a file is terrible, but I’ve found no other solution so I’m resorting to manual uploads, which it’s not even letting me do. thanks!

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Hi @Andyk,

Interesting! This is the case; it allowed me to upload PDF, but not DOCX.

I’ve submitted a support ticket for this.

Best regards, Victor.

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Thanks @Victor

We are aware of the issue with the database collections manual upload feature not allowing certain file extensions.

Currently the only workaround for this is to add a file picker component to a screen and then create or update a record to upload these file extensions.

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