Build IOS Device Error

Hi guys, I’m building a chat APP to test on the market and as far as we went until now, Adalo has been a massive help. We built the APP and we are testing it on Android devices with relative ease.
Now we want to take the next step and bring IOS devices to the table and we followed step by step the publishing guide from Adalo and everything went well until the “TestFlight Build”.

I leave some screenshots above to see if anybody can help:

This is the first version we want to launch in IOS.
Thank you for you help nad if you need more info to understand, just comment below and I provide :smiley:

Hi @Sandro.Costa,

Welcome to the community :partying_face:

The best is to Submit a Support Ticket providing these all details!

Hope it will be fix soon!

Thank you

Hi @dilon_perera ,

Thank you very much :muscle:

I will follow your advice.

Have a nice day

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Hey @Sandro.Costa,

Looks like you may need to add your iOS device as a testing device or add a user and device to your internal testing group in your Apple Developer Account.

When distributing to Testflight, it is required that you have an internal test group in place for it to succeed.

Take a look at this article from Apple for a bit more guidance on this!

Let us know if this resolves your issue!

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Hi @ben1 ,

Yeah it makes sense. I thought that Device created by Adalo would work.
I will create, and then I give feedback…

Thank you very much for all the help :smiley:
have a nice day

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@ben1 It solved :smiley:

I added a new Device in APPLE Developer Connect with the UDID of the iPhone and it worked perfectly.
Thank you very much for the support @ben1 and @dilon_perera


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