Need Urgent Help! Regarding Adalo recommendations

Hi Team,

I am building a personalised travelling app which can recommends users the perfect destination for themselves. And I’m thinking to provide them recommendations by asking them few simple questions regarding their preferences (Say genres). I tried hard to build it, but no success.

Can anybody help me, It is very urgent.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @ArkPandey ,

Can you give me spreadsheet example ?

As comprehensive as you can, so I can know what database setup will be required.

I don’t have any spreadsheet, I’m just using a database of genres and destinations and I want my users to answer whether they like the genre or not, and according to it I can update the DB, and show them their personalised list

For that, I was using deck swiper. But it’s not working now.

This is what my replacement look like.

I mentioned here,

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It would be helpful, if you put your thoughts on spreadsheet, it will stimulate structure in the process.

Can you please send a clonable link of the app, it will really help me a lot to deliver the app on time.

Please ignore if you can’t


This is private app, but you can try your own first and let us know here.

No problem, Thank you so much.
I’ll ask here if I face any issue

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I’ve implemented, what you guided me.
Thanks buddy.

I’ve made a clonable component of the Idea. If you permit, we can share that deck swiper alternative with the community, it will really help our friends.

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