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I’m trying to build a visual calendar on my new Adalo App that shows a highlight of day dates which show the availability of an item to rent and a highlight of different colour that shows the date as already booked.

Can anyone assist at all? Thanks so much.


Hello, you can review the ( Advanced Calendar ) component in the Marketplace.

Thank you!

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Thanks Ali.

You’re welcome!

Certainly, Nick! Building a visual calendar to display the availability of an item and highlight booked dates in Adalo can be achieved by following a series of steps. Please note that Adalo’s capabilities may evolve, so make sure to refer to their latest documentation for any updates. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Database Setup:
  • Make sure you have a database set up that includes information about your items, their availability, and booked dates. Create necessary relationships between tables.
  1. Components for Calendar:
  • Use the Rectangle and Text components to create a grid-like structure to represent your calendar. Each cell will represent a day.
  1. Date Picker:
  • Add a Date Picker component to allow users to select the date they are interested in. You’ll use this date to filter and display availability information.
  1. Dynamic Visibility:
  • Use Adalo’s conditional visibility feature to dynamically change the color of each day based on its availability status. For example:
    • If the date is available, set the background color to green.
    • If the date is booked, set the background color to red.
  1. Fetch Data Based on Date:
  • Use Adalo actions and filters to fetch data from your database based on the selected date. Display information dynamically using Magic Text.
  1. Highlight Booked Dates:
  • Fetch and display booked dates differently. For booked dates, you might want to use a different color or a specific visual indicator.
  1. User Interactions:
  • Set up interactions to allow users to interact with the calendar. For example, tapping on a date might display additional information or allow the user to book the item.
  1. Testing:
  • Thoroughly test your calendar to ensure that the availability and booked dates are accurately reflected. Test various scenarios to make sure the logic works as expected.
  1. Iterate and Refine:
  • Based on user feedback and testing, iterate on your design and functionality to improve the user experience.
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