Set Avaliabilty in Adalo

Hello Adalo fam, I am building an app that requires me to set data of availability for sellers. This will include them picking a day, start time and end time.

Is there a way for me to do this in Adalo? I have tried but it’s not working.

You need 3 collections: Booking days, booking times, and selectable times.

You can use the Marking Calendar by nocodemonkey (or the date picker component if you don’t want to purchase the marking calendar) to create booking days for users. Users then see a list of selectable times that they can choose to set their availability (which creates booking times for the specified booking day). A user should be able to select multiple selectable days to compile the times for the day.

Then, you display the days for users that can book, and then when they click a day, they see the booking times for that day that they selected.

Looks like this:

Thank you. This works

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