Show Dot in calendar


I want in a calendar to display a point each day on an event that lasts for example 4 days.
Currently, adalo shows me the first day and the last but nothing in between.

Please do you have a solution, thank you.


Hey @jpil71 this is the exact problem @brandonwarke had with his app. Personally I have not found the solution for this also.

@Leaders @Experts @TKOTC any of you guys figure this one out? I thought (before/a while ago) the Adalo Calendar did show dots for each day within a booking range, but for now/maybe always it only shows the (Check In Date/Event Start) and (Check out date/Event End). For example If I make a booking on the 1st to 5th, a little dot/line appears on the Dates for the 1st and the 5th, but not in between for the dates 2nd,3rd or 4th… This makes it very hard then to filter dates, because If I wanted to filter all bookings on the 3rd for example I cant filter Dates by Equals, before, after, between for the date of the 4th because no booking with the 4th exists.

Any ideas on this, as I also couldn’t get the Adalo calendar to work on this basis. I was reverting to a booking has many days and linking the days to the booking to allow the dots to appear on all days.

@TKOTC surely theres a calendar out there that can achieve markings over a range for this ?

Doesn’t NoCode Monkey offer this? @Michael ? If the products that are for sale today do not satisfy this requirement we can take it in the backlog and build one. If this exists as a component through another makers store we will not.

Our component code of conduct is this
“Our goal is to enable people to make their own living using the components we provide, but we do not want to do that by taking away from someone else’s living.”

If we don’t hear from Michael, I’ll reach out directly to him and see if he has a component that does this and get back to you.


Yea I have Michael’s component, but it still requires a booking made for each day individually and cant recognise a date thats between a range (i.e. plot a dot, or in Michaels case changes colour). Only dates that are specified with the Start Date and the End Date change colour.

I really thought the adalo calendar done this.

I’ll have a look tonight, I’m on site at a customers. If you don’t hear back by tomorrow then bump this thread.


The Adalo ninja strikes again :smiley:


Thanks really for your help.
I thought it would be easy lol

Hi @jpil71 ,

If you want to walk on the path of custom list (not custom component), I could help with this, but it is by request basis.

It is more difficult to support on template basis.

You can see my Komun template for reference of that.

Basically we have collections that can make calendar using custom list, the advantages are we have full control of how we want to display of the calendar, adding text, image, different colors, status and actions too, can be clicked or not, can link to another screen, can create records etc (full control)

The disadvantages are we need more than 50 records (from free plan), create custom list with lots of components inside it, it is messy for most people with average interest.

But if your app depends on beautiful and dynamic calendar and can act as date picker too, it might interest you to request that.

Hello everyone,

Still no solution?

Please !!

We were just talking about this thread at PragmaFlow. Our servers were shut down Friday so building custom components are out for the time being. Perhaps look at Komun as Yongki suggested until we can start the component engine running again.



thank you @TKOTC I will wait for all solution from PragmaFlow. I looked towards Komun but nothing for my problem; I do not understand that something so obvious for a calendar is not taken into account at Adalo. I sincerely hope you can help me out, my App is almost complete but useless without this option. thanks again.

We had a very good meeting with the folks at Adalo a few hours ago and it seems like a permanent fix to our marketplace is imminent. Feel free to sign up to the mailchimp on our server to stay up to date. Otherwise check back in a fee days (in case I forget, which happens).


This is not an average interest, so you might be willing to take another look at that there is a different color for range of dates.

But I do hope there are other ways to solve markings in calendar.

@iAppsNi @Yongki @jpil71
I just want to make sure, this is what we are talking about?

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Calendar that shows date ranges can be like that, and if we want to go a bit further, there are calendars that show weekends as different color or public holidays as other color.

If we consider calendar as date picker, there are use cases to limit the age, so the dates in calendar cannot be clicked if the year is less than 18 years old, a bit quite extreme case, the app will limit range of years, such between 15 years to 35 years old.

Another I can think of on the spot is mood tracker, the date that can be picked should be today or previous days, cannot pick for tomorrow or in the future.

Of course, styling and parameters will be added for configuration. Min date (future only or thus year), max date, no weekends, localization, holiday block outs, etc…

I want to make sure we are talking about a calander component that can support range selections (and more)


That is great.

Here is my problem.
I want my reservations to appear with dots
But calendar, don’t take the full range into account. only the date of entry and the date of exit.

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And if several reservations on the same day, several points appear under the date.
With the colors I can only manage one reservation, so not usable.

thank you very much

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If calendar components after upgrades still does not have this, in custom list we can add more texts, shapes that show count, other fields etc.

In custom list, you are your own master.