Building a IPAD/Android App

Hi All

I am pretty new to coding but the app I am designing is for a tablet rather than a mobile phone, What is the best way to resize when designing the application.

Thank you


Hi @mobile-forms and welcome to the community.

Currently, Adalo does not have support for mobile applications for tablets.

If your focus is on tablets, and you are using Adalo, then build a DWA instead.

Of course, you can still build a mobile app, and people will still be able to use it on tablets, but the app won’t adapt to the tablet’s size. Much like what happens with Instagram on tablets today. Instagram is not designed for tablets.

Thank you that makes sense, If I create a DWA will I have capability for the app to work offline do you know. The app I am designing needs to work in remote locations online and offline?

As far as I’m aware, a DWA will not work offline because to load the DWA, it needs to connect to a URL, and for that, you need connectivity.

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