Building a messaging app

Is it possible to build a simple messaging app BUT, with an anonymous destination? In other words, anyone who has the app, and is set to receive can receive a message from another person who has the app. And vice versa. It’s basically one way messaging. The ability to send messages anonymously and receive messages anonymously. Is that customizable/doable functionality with Adalo?

Yes its possible.

Watch those, its great example.

Okay great! Thank you. I think my issue is on the back end more. It’s technically not a “chat” app other than the fact that messages can go one direction. (there’s no back and forth between users and no stored chat history) And, when a message is sent, it needs to randomly be sent to ANY “1” of the other users with the app. So if 100 people have the app, only 1 of them would randomly receive a sent message. The application would decide where it goes on the back end.

You can make a new template, and choose “chat” and its done for you!

I made a very quick sketch for you. One way anonymous messaging concept app.

A little explanation:

Database: Users, Messages. One to many relation between user and messages called “recepient”

Send chat button is a randomizer component that randomly pick a user from user collection. When the sender is directed to the screen where they can type their message, the previously picked random user is available on the screen. Send button actions: Create a message and the recepient is the user that was randomly picked on the first screen. After you can use a list where you display the messages if recepient is logged in user

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That’s interesting. Thanks for that.