How to build an anonymous chat feature to help people get support


I’m trying to build a chat function where a user can anonymously create a message. This message would then be sent to one of many people.

E.g someone relapses into smoking. He sends an anonymous chat. The message is delivered to one of the many smoking addictions support people on the platform.

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To keep the message anonymous: Use magic text to set the user’s name as Anonymous or try using visibility features with true/false

To send the message to a random person: Install the randomiser component and maybe that should work

Alternatively: allow anyone to add themselves to a conversation by creating a list of conversations with a join button

If you need help building this feature please shoot me an email!
I have built plenty of chatting apps with all the bells whistle to compliment them :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thank you for this solution. I’ll give feedback

Thank you, Manny. I’ll get in touch

So for a later response than usual but I can definitely help you create and anonymous chat feature I have created one for my self. So I’m assuming we will need the chat to be anonymous and have colored texted boxes separating the user message vs another user message. Is their anything else you want to be included?

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