Building SaaS App with Adalo

I am new to Adalo and have some queries. I want to build a Mobile app to list trips and events, which I can use as a SaaS App for trip and event organisers who can then further use it to list/book/sell their trips and events to their customers. How does this work with Adalo builder, should I first create a sample template to market my SaaS App and then create clones of it for each specific trip and event organizing companies? Please advise.

Secondly, is there a way to include a Multilingual option that I can use when building an app?

Hi @emmadigital

How you sell your app as a template is really up to your go to market. What I would do is build the template, fill it with dummy data for demo purposes, then resell the template to travel companies. When they purchase it, you’ll have some set up fee for cloning the template, changing branding and colors, adding their data, then publishing it to the app store.

There isn’t a multi lingual option when building. You’ll want to build in your native language (or the native language for your customers).

Hope this helps,

Thanks, @Erik for your response. Does that mean if a company needs an app in three languages then I have to create 3 different versions and publish it on Apple and Play store with 3 different app names?

At the moment, that’s how it is… Adalo does not manage multilingual and doing it independently is not easy for how the platform is currently structured.

Yes, correct.

Technically, you can do it all in the same app, but you would have to replicate all the screens for each language. You can’t translate the next based on the user’s preference.

Ok, thanks @Erik for your response.

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