Bulk custom action

Is this possible?

Here’s the scenario:

I have a custom list of Classes, let’s say. Each Class record in the list is associated with one or more Users (students in the class). I would like to have a toggle button above the list, which enables/activates visibility of a Send Message button. Clicking the Send Message button would trigger one Sendgrid custom action sending an email to all students in all classes.

A variant of this would be allowing my app users to select specific classes in the list, and then sending a message to all students in the selected classes.

Yes this is possible! Please watch these videos:

Thanks @James_App_Maker I’ve already set up multiple single-send Sendgrid Custom Actions in my app.

The problem I’m having is how to attach the Custom Action to multiple records in an Adalo list, or all records in a list. Each record itself has multiple Users. The problem I’m having is on the Adalo side, how to click a toggle to add multiple records to a custom action.

Hi @tdhi,

Not an easy question, as for me :slight_smile:
I can suggest exploring several options:

  1. Countdown timer in the list of students in the class, which “invokes” the Custom action for sending the email to this student. Not sure how Adalo will behave when it tries to launch 20 custom actions in a row.

  2. I spent some time and created a POC for mass actions with Integromat. In this POC I’m updating the value for “Comment” field for all records in a “Photos” collection, based on selected category. Of course selection basis could be another one. Here is the video:

Please note, that I’m not sure, how will it scale; this method uses GET ALL records from Adalo collection (and it does it twice), and if with the categories that’s ok, but for if there will be 1000s of records… I’m not sure it will work fast.
The biggest downside of working with Adalo collections via API is that you can’t use any filtering :-/

  1. It might be worthwhile to explore Airtable + Integromat capabilities for this. Airtable has a capability to return records with “filterByFormula”.
    So, you could to something like:
  • store student emails + class names in Airtable
  • create a custom action to Integromat from Adalo, passing the class name as a parameter
  • get an Airtable records using the Airtable module in Integromat - it has built in filtering - and filter by class name (I’ve checked this, should work)
  • send the email to the recipients (iterator + email, mass email may be, may be some other modules).
    No video for this, sorry :slight_smile:
  1. There is an old-school method - you could simply create a group mail alias for each class, add students’ emails by hand, and send mail to this alias :slight_smile:

Hope this helps


You are awesome @Victor thanks for the suggestions! Will explore #s 3 and 4 and report back

@tdhi Video from #2 is worth looking at :wink: :joy:

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