Bulk Delete Records

Have you ever found yourself with a collection full of the wrong data?
What about multiple rows of data that need to be deleted?

:wave: Hello, Bulk Delete!
With a few clicks, your data can be cleaned up in a jiffy.

Simply select the data you would like to delete (or select it all) and press the button — Voila!

Our only question is: what will you do with all the time you just got back?


opening collection
trying to select more than 1 record . clicking on left Tild box
records detail opens…
not possible to select more than just 1 rec
:thinking: :cold_face:

Can you send over a screen recording. If you click the toggle box on the left, I am not having trouble clicking them and then selecting delete X amount at the bottom. It may take a moment for it to delete, but it is functioning.

original Ogv file

@bibipac That is definitely a bug. I am unable to reproduce it on my end.

What browser are you using?

firefox bro

Thanks. I will submit this bug to the development team for further investigation.

Can a user do this as well with their data? "like if they had multiple home listings, and they wanted to delete them all, or at least several of them, how would one go about doing that?

@TAILORBUILT please check this topic for an answer: How to implement cascade delete?

Thanks! - Idk why it doesn’t let me just say “thanks” lol