Help cleaning up bad records import

Hello - I was attempting to import a large number of records to my users collection (around 30k) and kept running into unknown errors. I didn’t notice that some of the records were importing correctly so everytime i re-attempted the import, it created duplicate records. Does anyone know of a way to batch delete/remove the duplicates?

See: Bulk Delete Records

@karimoo I have 62,000 records I need to delete. The multi-select only works on around 50 of those records at a time. I’m looking for some other kind of solution or support

OK, that’s a number. Replacing the collection is probably not an option. I guess only the Adalo Team can help with this.

Depensing one how much you have done with the collection, it may be best to export the collection, clean it up in Google Sheets or Excel and then re-import.

I haven’t done much at all, however the issue is that I have a ton of duplicate records, and the records are in my user collection so I can’t just delete the whole thing. It sounds like I need Adalo support to intervene here

Follow @ben1 suggestion. Export to excel, remove duplicates and import back to Adalo. I did that previously and it worked.

@arun how did you handle getting rid of the duplicates that were already in your collection?

Hi @zakakatz, althought the bulk records shows “50 records” when you use the select all checkbox. It will infact delete all records in the DB. Not only the first 50 that is shown in the Ajax list.

The other alternative as suggested here is to export the list as a csv, load it up in Google sheets and you can use the “Remove duplicate” tol there to clean it up. Then import the records again.

Let me know if you need further help with this.

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