Button moves after pressing

I have a subscribe feature on my app and I have white/blue subscribe/unsubscribe buttons in the same place so that when pressed it should look like the button simply changes color, but instead the button moves completely and I do not know why.

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Hi @Rodeo,

Unfortunately, making buttons to stay at the same place requires some iterative fine-tuning…

You could try starting placing the buttons one right above the other, see the result and then adjust the location iteratively.

Another option is to put both buttons inside the rectangle. Don’t forget to adjust components order - move the rectangle below the buttons, otherwise they may not work. Here is the case when it worked for me:

Screenshot 2020-11-23 at 11.06.01

You need to test several times, to achieve the desired result.

Best regards, Victor.


Thank you! This fixed my issue and my button group looks very similar to what you posted.

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Thanks for sharing this info this is useful. Keep sharing this type of blog regularly.