Button does not pass the required parameter

Making an application for ordering food. We created a custom sheet for selecting dishes, the person chose the dishes and clicks on the continue button, the parameter of the dish, restaurant, etc. should be transmitted with the button. But the name of the restaurant is not communicated. What could be the problem?

Can you post a screenshot of how you have set up this list, a screenshot of the database setup for this and also the actions for that button?

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Thanks to this problem, I solved it. Tell me how to creat order on the last checkout button? That is, you have a YouTube channel showing a way to create an order before choosing goods, that is, a person clicks on a restaurant and at that moment an order is created, but if a person went to a restaurant, chose a dish and went to another restaurant, then a new order will be created in another restaurant.

Therefore, I need to first make a selection of a product and then create an order. Is it possible to do so?

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