Orders and Order Items

Hi All,

I’m working on a mobile app for water delivery. It’s setup very similar to “Order” template so it has Stock, Order, Order item tables.

On the template, when adding an order, a Order entry is created at step 1 in the “Order” table and then step 2 creates a line in the “Order Lines” table (using add to cart icon).

I can’t seem to replicate this. I don’t have the option at step 2 to choose from “Current Order” and link the 2 tables together. I have a link in the database. Can anyone help please?

It sounds like you don’t have an action that creates a new order on the screen before the screen where the order items are created. If you do, could you share a screenshot of that?

Hi Ben,

Have done a quick loom. May save some time back and forward.


Can anyone help with this. I’m tempted to build from scratch again as I need to get on but I’m concerned I will end up at the same position.

What determines if the current form input is available on a screen? is it that a link cam from that screen?

Any help greatly appreciated

If you select your entire items screen, and then in the left panel expand the Available Data section, you will see that Current Order isn’t available because you also have a link from the Home Screen to the Items screen. The Home screen doesn’t have a current order, so because that link exists, it’s causing Current Order to not be available on the Items screen:

Hello everyone. And how to creat an order at the last stage?

How to do this: first, the choice of goods, and then the formation of the order and its payment.?