Passing Order Items to Orders

I cannot pass order items to orders. I’ve tried following the example food ordering app and how they do it but i cannot replicate it to work.

I can get the order items to add to the order items database. But when i try to update the orders db it does not pass the relevant information.

Please find this video attached that hopefully explains it better:

Any help is appreciated!

Thank you


Hi @djaenicke ,

Just to let you know that you can follow logic in Online Ordering App in Resources section in this forum.

You can clone it and modify as you wish.

If you need questions about that app, feel free ask in that thread as well.

Hi Yongki,
Appreciate that response.

As stated above i’ve tried the example app and as you can see from the video I’m clearly going wrong somewhere but not sure where as the logic seems the same?



It is more difficult to fix the wrong design, better start from fresh and clear mind, slowly adding more features on top of it.

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