Button to Delete selected DB records

Hi everyone! Im not able to delete only some records of my DB with a Button.

Look at the Picture to have an Idea of what i was doing :slight_smile: Daily

The idea is to have smth. like a “To Do” list. And when i check something it will be still there untill is press the “Clean Done” Button. This button should delete from my DB the record which have under “checked” a True value.

I tried to add the Delete Button to the list and use its properties but its outcome is not as desired since my list would recreate one button for each record. That not what i want.

Thank you in davance for your Awnsers!

Hey Andreas,
What you want to do is not possible in the setup you have, because with the radio button you’re not “selecting” one item, you’re changing one of the fields of the items from on to off and viceversa.
There is no need to add a button for each record, simply add the “delete” icon next to the “edit” icon, and assign to it the action “delete current record”

However, I do not suggest to “delete the record”, rather to mark it as a inactive, or completed. Then in the list you filter the list with all the items whose status is equal to available
Hope this has been useful!


Thx a lot for your awnser Paolo!
The Idea of my button was not to have one for each record but one that “filters” the records such that the user can see the unchecked records.

Here an example:

Buy Bread,
Buy Pizza
Buy Lasagne.

I checked pizza and Lasagane and with my button these two records should not be seen anymore but only Bread…

I guess that my Button should work as a filter. Is something like this possible or should i code in JSON an custom Action?

No need for json, and also no need for the clear-done button.

If you filter a list, based on a property that is changed with a simple update action on the icon (say, status = “not-available”), this will be automatically filtered (say, showing only items whose status is “available”)


  • You click on delete button on “bread”.
  • The update action changes the property “status” of bread to “not-available”.
  • The list will be automatically filtered.

I understand the clear all button is cool, but I believe you should create a trick in order to make that button delete multiple records in one…

Maybe some other experts will enlight you with more ideas! :slight_smile:

Thank you Paolo! I will implement your Idea :slight_smile:

how did you make did edit button?