Horizontal lists

Hi I’m trying to install the horizontal list to make them clickable so they will redirect a person to a certain page. I’ve created a dB with the 3 records and associated the list with the title of that record but when clicked they all go to one specific page instead of 3 separate. Am I missing something?


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I think you have added a screen and added a link action to the Horizontal List to go to that screen and then you can add a text component and replace that with Current Item ( collection name ) > title in that screen with the magic text. If you need three different screens for that 3 records then you need three different screens and add three conditional link actions to the Horizontal List.

But adding different screens and linking them separately you need to put link actions when you add a new record. Doing with a Single screen is best and easy. Because when you add a new record then that will show in the list and when you click it will go to that Single screen and showing that current item data.

Thank you

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