Calculator to estimate impact of implementing object caching

I just published v1 of this app->

This is a Loom video that explains what it does: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

TL;DR it’s an online estimator where you plugin in your site’s URL and it hits various API’s in the background to assemble an estimate of the speed improvements and consequent conversion gains for commerce sites as well as savings to hosting bills based on reduced resource usage.

If there’s enough interest I’ll publish a longer video that delves into some of the lessons learned in creating this app. All told it took around 3 weeks of trial & error to get it to this state. There is plenty of room to optimize and improve it but I’m now shifting focus to getting some usage of the app before refining it. lmk if you have any questions


Wow good job @grid7 :grin:

Love apps that heavily use external API’s to pull in and transform data.

Keep it up!