Calendar Component Not Functioning

Hi All,

I’m having trouble with the calendar component. When I’m previewing, clicking on a date with events doesn’t do anything. I have it set to run an action and link to another screen (see screenshot), but doesn’t go anywhere. It also doesn’t open agenda view when the date has more than one event.

Any help is appreciated! Thank you!

Hi Steph,

Are you still experiencing this? When I previewed your app, I was able to click on events.

I have the same issue than Steph
I linked Google Calendar to Adalo with Zapier. When I create event on my google Calendar on my phone it creates it on my DB. I added a view “DETAILS” for each date but when I click nothing happen :frowning:

Hi Colin,

Is there any way for you to show me what you’re seeing? I pulled the screen with the calendar out from my whole wireframe because I couldn’t get it to work, but I just reconnected it and it’s still not working. I see the dots to represent events, but clicking on them goes nowhere.

Hi Steph, I went to go make a recording for you but it seems you have removed the calendar component from your app now so I was unable to.

Hi Colin - Are you looking at the right app? Mine is Free Fitness Finder, the other ones in my account are just example templates. There is a screen called x.Upcoming Events Calendar off to the side because I couldn’t get it to work…

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