Calendar component questions

Hello everyone,
I’m new here and very happy to start with Adalo and help each other :slight_smile:

I’m using the Calendar component clone app and I have 2 main concerns … :expressionless:

  1. I assume it is an easy one but impossible to remove this placeholder, this square, which doesn’t appear in my list of component neither. Do you know how can I do ?

  1. I create different travels and each travel can have different events. I have well did the relationships in the collections.
    I also added this precision in the calendar (please see the picture), should appear for my “current travel” > the related “events”

However, I don’t understand because ALL events appears in each of my travels !! :frowning: I don’t know how to move on … anyone to help me please ??

Many thanks for your support & time !

Hi Lisa,

  1. Can you elaborate more on this? Do you mean you don’t want the custom list to show in the editor?

2.) This looks like you setup the filter incorrectly. If I understand you correctly the filter should look like this.

Current Mes Voyage > Travels > Events
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Thanks a lot for your reply !
“Mes voyages” means “My travels” in french
I just want in the calendar all of the events related on my travel. However, either I only have all of the events (coming from all of the other travels as well) or nothing … :expressionless:

While it is well set up (from my opinion) as I put a list of “events” > coming from “current my voyage/travel > events” however nothing appear in the calendar…

@Lisa.07 I think you have to filter it like logged in user > travels>events.

Thank you :blush: :blush:

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The “place holder rectangle” is the shell of the list itself, whatever you put inside the boundaries will be shown

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Thank you for your reply !

For the event it doesnt work :frowning: I tried everything but either it lists all events either no event at all. I only want the events of my travel (= “voyages”). However even when I try current mes voyage > events, it doesnt work … any idea?

You can see all of the possibilities I have on the pictures

Is it working current mes voyages- events ?

And is there any events created for users?

Ahh When I created an event I didn’t specify the related travel/voyage ! Now, when I create an event, I inserted the travel’s cell to link the event to the travel and it works !! MAny many thanks !! :slight_smile:

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Your welcome @Lisa.07 :blush: :blush:

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