Calendar for Airbnb

hello, if you can design a calendar, let’s discuss what I would like. can we make a calendar where 1 user can choose the number of days from 1-90 in any range, and also be able to close the dates with a different color or strikethrough, as in the example that I show you here ? if it is possible, tell me when you can do it?

Hi @TonyS ,

You might want to check with this first,

If you can comment how to improve, I might be able to quote a price for you, but for our sake, it should be a complete requirement with all the edge cases, otherwise it has potential for conflict which is unnecessary and can be avoided from the very beginning.

For avoiding booked dates, here is another example,

To normalize expectation, no code cannot compete with tech giants such as Airbnb, it can try to imitate but there will be cases that our users are willing to accept our app because of the content inside, not because our app can be the same as tech giants.

hello, I have studied it looks interesting, but I did not see that the choice of days would be summed up, for example, I choose 31.10 - 4.11 (the number is 5 days) I need to count how many days are in this interval, we can set to display ?

Honestly, i have built something very similar into a coded app, when i finish my midterms i might get that component from there and coded into Adalo

Date and Time in Adalo is a number, so by subtracting it, you can get the result.

Try adding a number in a booking collection and update it with date from the same collection, you will see date is a number.

Hello, tomorrow I will be publishing a reservation clone app template with the MARKING CALENDAR component…

You can block dates, select date by day and change prices of the days…
You can make a reservation for several days and it tells you how many days they are and the price of all those selected days!

For example 1/10= 20 dls and 2/10= 35…

The design is very minimal and very clean! keep an eye on the forum tomorrow!

hello, when will you finish so we can see how much this solves my problem? I’m very interested, please let me know

this will be a masterpiece

sounds ingenious and simple, what formula should be made to find out? How to understand and calculate this interval between days. very grateful for the answer