Calendar "Run Action" Does Not Work on iOS

I have successfully added the new calendar component to my app. When clicking on an event, it is to open to the Event details page. It runs this action successfully on Android phones, but NOT on iPhones. Please help resolve this issue…

I am currently unable to test this as I do not have an iOS device.

Could you be more specific about what is happening on iOS?

On my android phone, when I click on a date, it takes me to the details of the event.

When my spouse clicks on a date on his iPhone, nothing happens. This same issue occurred on my sister’s phone, who also has an iPhone. This issue did not occur on my moms phone, which is an android.

For iphones, no action takes place when clicking on date.

Thanks, I will have someone from the team take a closer look at this.


Any update on the matter? Should I add this to the “Bug” section?

So the calendar function also does not work for Android downloaded from Google Play. See short video-

The action on calender is not working even in preview for me.

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