Calendar Standard

I have an application for ordering tours. Is it possible to make a normal calendar? So that the guide can set free dates, and the traveler can select these dates when ordering.

Yes, this is entirely possible. Unfortunately, I do not have a cloneable app to demonstrate this but perhaps someone from the community does and is able/willing to share it.

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Yes! it would not be bad if someone told me how to use it correctly for my purposes !!!

Hi @Nikolay-Puh,

I was experimenting with the calendar this weekend, see the thread here: Show availabilities
This is about students & tutors. May be it could be useful for your purposes as well. There is a video there with some explanations.

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I watched this video. But this option does not suit me. I need the guide to be able to choose 30 days in the calendar and three times a day.

And in this way, life is simply not enough to select all 30 days of each month ((((

Also please consider hiring an Adalo Expert who would be able to either make this for you directly or coach you on how to make this yourself.

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