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I am developing an app for my company… We book appointments for other companies abroad… Our office is based in Philippines but we book appointments for companies based in USA…

The issue is: Once we book an appointment in the calendar and we choose the date and time the company in USA is seeing a different date and time in their calendar…

Please guide us what to do in order to everybody doesnt matter witch country they are opening the app can see the same date and time in the calendar.

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We are working on some fixes for timezones already. However, in the meantime, you could experiment further by adding (or subtracting) the difference in a custom formula in the action you are using to send that data.

Hi Colin, thanks for the quick response…

Anyway your suggestion doesn’t fix the issue because still everybody must to see the same date and time in calendar and is impossible to make it in n the formula once I never can know what exactly it will be the time zone of my clients all over USA…

To be even more specific of what we need is: if the appointment is for example Oct 25 at 6pm… Than everybody doesn’t matter in witch country he is will see Oct 25 at 6pm… Got it??

Thanks a lot and success for all of us!!

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I’ve been told by the team this is currently fixed and in our internal testing department and once it passes QA it will be released.

Perfect!!! Thanks a lot Colin!!!

For the meantime i will keep developing my app… Hope you can send me an email once the feature is fixed and released by the QA.

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