Cant adjust time lag between japan and USA

Please teach me how to show like below.

For instance, I put “8 October” on form(←This is today in Japan, but it’s tomorrow in USA. How do I calculate?:bowing_man:‍♂

スクリーンショット 2020-10-08 8.19.01

I can’t imagine that’s something Adalo does at the moment (but it might I don’t know!) so you’re probably stuck looking for some kind of workaround to the problem.

Perhaps you could use something to force a date into a record at the time that you want from an outside source, and then use that instead of Adalo’s internal date system?

I don’t think there’s anything like a cronjob to schedule tasks within Adalo, but maybe you could use Zapier or Integromat for this?

Thank you for responding parasocks!
so you mean should I use Zapier or Integromat, like out service?

Hi Yuki-san,

I’m in Japan too and have been having similar issues with the time.
What I’ve figured out so far…

If you use the “Date/Time” feature, the time will record as the local time.
If you use the “Date” alone, it seems to record in a US time zone.

I’m not sure how this will effect what you are trying to do currently, but thought it might help.
I’ve reported this to Adalo and they are currently trying to fix the issue.


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