Calendário Spotto

Hello people!
I really, really need that help.
I received the content of the Spotto app in my email, and I really need to know which component was assembled that calendar that they used.
It’s been a long time coming up with something like that for a project and to no avail.
Please help me. I need this component urgently in one of my projects.
Follow the print to explain what I want.

Good questions I saw it to but didn’t realized and cared about how they did it. My guess is they made a card, and they placed the number with magictext and made it calendar numbers with today, 1 day ago on and on.

Yes Dr. No Code really worked their magic to make this work! We were even shocked how they did this. We’re actually currently working on a calendar component right now that should make this all a lot easier. Additionally we’re really a clone app feature (fingers crossed it’s ready next week) so people can share how they built these amazing things!

@CNST When do you need this by?

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@David To be quite honest, I have the project delayed by 2 weeks for not being able to set this up. could you help me with this?

Сan you tell how Dr. No Code to implement such a feature? Or give a link to the material where it is described?