Can a Button delete a Button

I would like a button to only be able to be pressed once, but I can not figure out how to make the button “delete” itself. Any help, ideas, or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hello, you must work with visibilities… do you want that once it is clicked, it is no longer seen or eliminated? how would the flow of the button be … what are the actions it does?

Hi @LoneWolf ,

If you use make list button, it will disappear by itself whenever you do delete action.

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Use a input field as variable and conditional visibility based on the input field value. Hide the input field in the conner with 5x5px and make it transparent. once you click the button set the input value to zero and only show the button if input value is equal to one for exemple.


Hello everyone, thank you all for the advice. The button allows a user to sign up for work, similar to an Uber driver. The problem is that currently a user can make infinite new accounts, all by pressing the button again and again. This is why I would like to remove the button once a user signs up for work, and than renew/ bring it back if the user deletes there working account. Again any advice is appreciated and I’ll try to be quick to respond.

Hi @LoneWolf,

There’s inputs to enter email and password and then the user is clicking the button right? Is it possible to add some screenshots?

Thank you

Hello @LoneWolf
I haven’t grasped the entire situation/problem but still allow me to share.
First, create a custom list of work with enable auto refresh.

Add the button there and apply the set input value to zero.

on that same button set action with true/false parameter like “I got the work” and set list’s filter based on that.

maybe you’ll encounter this next problem. if not, disregard.
What if two user press the button or signs up at that 1 work at the same time?.
2 user will be handling that same work then.

In that case. you can add another list. add button. refresh enabled. use time parameter. max 1 item and sort using time. set visibility conditions of the button with true/false parameter.


I think I may have found a solution to the problem. If I may restate my original question in order to make it more clear, can a button delete or “spawn” another button, and if so how would I go about doing this?

I would like the “work with us” button to disappear, and the edit button to appear while the user has a job and when or if their job account is deleted reset the page.
Screenshot 2022-06-09 120327

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If the user doesn’t have a job yet ( the job property is empty ) then show the Work For Us button? You can add the condition as that property > is equal to > empty.

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It worked, thank you!

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