Button can't do more than one "Change Input Value"?

Hi there,

I’m having a simple button that does three actions:

  1. Change Input Value of text field “LastScreenX” (with the value of X)
  2. Change Input Value of the text field “LastScreenY” (with the value of Y)
  3. Link to another screen where LastScreenX and LastScreenY appear

Now, no matter what I do, the button only processes the 1st “Change Input Value” task and then links to the other screen. That means that for the list of actions I gave above, only X was updated. If I flip the order (having the Y task first), then I only see Y and not X.

I literally tried everything (tried to delete the button and reconstruct it, tried different types of buttons, tried to do the same with the text fields). Nothing works.

Adalo’s support said they don’t know why it doesn’t work, and gave workarounds that don’t work as well.
What to do?

Thank you so much

I should add that for the last 6 months everything works perfectly, one bright morning the button broke down (as explained below) without me touching anything…

Damn that must be really annoying! I assume you have tried the same kind of thing but on new screens? I know that sometimes that has worked for me

Have you tried deleting the components and setting them up again? Including the fields on the other screens.

Before deleting, I would try renaming the input fields, then trace that back to your action and make sure it is updating within the action. It will take 30 seconds and might show something amiss.

Just tried that, unfortunately, it doesn’t work. I created the 2 screens from scratch and the same exact issue continues.

Yes, I did that, it did not solve the issue.

The I suggest trying what @Rozza indicated.

Try renaming the fields. I would also try to rename the related screens. See how it goes.

Thanks, just tried that, the action was updated with the new names automatically. Unfortunately the issue still continues.

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Feel free to clone it and post a link.
Delete any screens that are sensitive.

I’ve lost hours on this kind of stuff before, it is infuriating.


Here’s the app clone:

Note that only the screens Home_ and 0Secret_ are relevant for this issue.

Thank you for inspecting this <3

Hi @TomBlue,

This seems to be very bizarre, but as I see the problem is related to Icon.
When you replace Icon with regular Button with same actions, everything works fine.

P.S. Took quite a while to figure this out - isolating potential issues one-by-one :slight_smile: This is definitely an Adalo bug, so you can submit a ticket.

Best regards, Victor.


Nice work @Victor :female_detective:
I have taken to putting Actions on the group level, that way if you tweak design you do not have to remake all the actions on new button.


Hey Victor,

Thank you so much for this - but I already tried all types of buttons (Action Button, Icon Button, Regular Button), with a weird phenomenon: It works for about 1-2 hours, and then breaks down again. Can you please recheck your clone later today?

Sure, no pb

Hey Victor,

Does the new button work for you still?
Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for me now (tried all 4 button options, including putting it all in the group like Rozza stated).

Any idea of something I can do to solve it?

thank you

How very frustrating. I will have a look when I have a chance but unlikely to be today.

And I am half the solver that Victor is. But I will try.

Hi @TomBlue,

I guess it’s a issue with the Link Transition!

Check this video! : Change Input Value Action bug on Vimeo

Tom, try making the transition to other transition types instead of None and try!

Thank you

Hi @TomBlue,

This is really strange. The button which I’ve created in the clone of your app stopped working. It started to work again when I changed its settings (transition → none and back to push).

At the same time, the button in my test app (completely separate one) still works fine.

The issue is somehow related to transition: when I changed the transition type to “None” for button, it stops working. However when I change transition to “Push” for Button and Icon, both of them work.
However, in my sample app everything worked fine irrespective of the transition type… and then stopped working for transition “none”.

What I think is that core problem is not related to transition type, but rather is affected by its “speed”; the problem lies somewhere in the way this new “fast loading” thing works (and this has been introduced in instant navigation).
What makes me think so: I have made a sample to update 4 inputs based on the values from the previous screen. So, first 2 inputs are updated, and last 2 are not.
If I’m updating these 4 inputs with static hardcoded values, all 4 are updated.

I may be speculating here, but I think that the reason could be:

  • when the user goes to the next screen, input values on the current one are emptied
  • how it worked before Instant Navigation: upon button press, first values from inputs on the current screen were copied to the inputs on the next screen, then transition was executed (and inputs on the current screen were emptied as a part of it, closer to its finish)
  • how it works now: upon button press, values values from inputs on the current screen are copied at the same time while executing the transition. So, if transition takes “longer” time, more of them are copied before emptying; if transition takes “shorter” time, there is less chance for them to be copied. This is some kind of “race condition”.

Also, based on the info from this thread Is there a way to turn off "Instant Navigation"? - #4 by afonso, I’ve tried to turn off “instant navigation” by adding a “sometimes” condition.
And disabling this instant navigation solved the problem.

Please see the recording here (no sound but everything should be obvious): Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

@Adalo_CXTeam @adalojosh this is a very non-obvious issue which is almost impossible to diagnose being a maker. Such bugs produce a lot of frustration as one can’t really understand what’s happening and what is he doing wrong. Could you please pay attention to it?



Please don’t tag Adalo team members :wink:
Good citizens should raise a ticket at this moment and practise not discussing bugs in public.

Thank you for cooperating.
(Said somebody in 1984)

@victor I have nothing but respect for your abilities. In my own sarcastic way I am championing what an open forum delivers to the community but also to Adalo. For @dilon and yourself have drilled down on this with such detail, long before an ‘intricate ticket handling system’ could have.

Everybody wins in an open environment.