Can a list be editable?

This is from a custom list.

I’m hoping to turn the Saved Results Column into a text field that users can edit. Is this possible? TIA :man_technologist:


Yes, do you mean something like this?

Thanks @theadaloguy.

Almost - preferably without the save icon. For the most part, I want the user to be able to edit if need be and then copy and paste into a separate text input component (without utilising the copy-to-clipboard component).

NB: the “copyable” function in Edit Styles, doesn’t seem to copy.

I’ll make a video of how I did that, and you can modify it for your use case.

Brilliant. Thank you

It’s not high quality playback yet as I just uploaded it and YT takes a while to process it, but you can watch here: Click on text to copy or edit it. Nice UX UI method in Adalo - YouTube

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Perfect. Thank you for the thorough run through!

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