Can a native mobile app be accessed through the browser in a phone?

Should be possible because that is how I preview my app now anyways, right?

I can just attach a domain to it and that should be it. What do you think? Do I really have to build it from scratch if I want it to be accessible through the web browser and not be installed by the user?

no it can’t, but adalo offers you the possibility to publish to web to be able to achieve that

Hello, well, you don’t need to publish your app through any domain. You can just use the previewer feature.

Thank you!

so i would need to build the app from scratch and share the database to save sometime basically?

I want it to be live and not just in preview

So to make it clear, you would like to publish your app on Android and Apple or on web?

Hi @lucavehbiu96,

Just to clarify:

  • “Native app” means the app which is installed on the phone (iOS or Android). The installation is done from the stores.
  • “Progressive web app” is the app which could be opened with a browser and doesn’t require installation from the stores.

In Adalo, when you create a new app and select “Native mobile app”, this app will be available in both “versions”. You can make the build of your app and publish it to the stores, or you can send your users a link so that they could open it on the phone. This will be the same app (although please keep in mind that it is mobile-focused, so your users won’t be able to see it as a full-scale website on their desktops).
You can find more information about publishing your app to the web here: Publishing to the Web - Adalo Resources


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