Can a user (e.g a manager) sign in other users?

I have made a form for a manager user to sign in the employees however when submitted, the logged-in user is switched to the one who has been signed in by the manager.

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Yes, it can.

But we need to store that other user’s password.

Thanks Yongki,

I set up like this below to add a user

It seems working. But the problem is that the current log-in user automatically switches to the new user account that has just added…

Hi @BladingB ,

It looks like you want to register a user, not signing up a user.

Well, the term sign up refer to Sign Up action which translate to create new user and login to the user.

If you just register which translate to just create a user and not login, you can do so with create action in button on user’s collection, and using just input fields, without form.

Because, with form, if we answer it as user’s collection, then it will automatically show us option to login, signup and update, no create option.

Thank you so much @Yongki

I now can do it!

your ID seems like a Korean name. Are you Korean? Because I am haha

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Glad that you can do it.

It is an alias, but close to that. :grinning:

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