Issues when adding new users from the app

I came across to an issue today… I’m building an app where the owner can add other users.

I have selected the form component and linked to the users collection (where all users are), up until this point everything works find, however, when I click “Add” the action add the user to the collection however, it also change the current user by the one that was added, e.g:

User1 → adds → User2, after adding User2 remains login instead of User1.

I realize there might be an issue the “What do you want this form to do?” is there any way to add the user without affecting the logged in user.

Why don’t you try adding a collection of users?


Hi @IsaacRivera :wave:

If I’m correct it’s because the form is doing Signup in the user. And the logged in user gets that details. So you can create a Custom Form and add a button and add a create user action.

Like this.

Hope it helps!

Thank you

I thought on that, however seems to be redundant since I will have the same information in both (only the password wont be included) and that means that I have to keep 2 collections updated whenever an action happened.

I guess that might be the work around

Yeap… That what I was looking for… thanks a lot…

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Great and Your Welcome :+1:

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