Sign up vs create user difference

Hello everyone, what is please the difference between “signing user up” and “creating user” as different option to sign up the user? I’m just trying to find out whether creating user will have any disadvantage against signing up :smiley: Thank you.

Hi @Tommen,

In my experience, “Creating user” and trying to work with it as a logged-in user caused a lot of glitches.

To my mind, “create user” doesn’t mean that this user is logged in; it is like any other record in the other collection. So you create a new record in “users” database collection, as per Adalo logic you will have access to this record (“Current user”) from all subsequent screens.
But IMO you will not be able to sign out this user; also, after app restart the user will probably start from “not logged in” screen.

As for me, I ended up using Sign Up action.

Just my 2 cents )


Thank you for your response @Victor. I will give it a proper try :slight_smile: I was confused because I’ve noticed a user “creation” rather than sign up in a kit by Adalo so I thought it may be another way to do that :smiley: :slight_smile:

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