Can I convert unix time to a date in a custom formula?

Hey There -

In my app I have the option to create a “weekly plan” which will always start on the next monday. I am wanting to show the date of the next Monday whenever the user is on that page.

I know how to calculate the date for next monday How do I calculate an event date for the next monday? (forms)


but am unclear if it’s possible to convert unix time to a date.

The problem I am seeing is that I can’t use a custom formula in the date picker and I can’t format a text field as a date after entering the custom formula.

Is there a way to do this?

I’d like to not have to use an API connection to airtable as the solution.


Here looks like something you can look at:

But it involves too much math for my liking :joy:

I think you’ll have to add in a few conditionals to get the actual date

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