Using "No Formatting" with Custom Dates

I’m trying to calculate a custom time & date and use the “no formatting” date format. Every time that I try to calculate with a date in a custom formula, I end with the Unix time number though. Does anyone know how I can convert it back to the “no formatting” format – currently the only formatting options for custom formulas I see are for numbers (e.g., currency, etc.)

Hi Corywynn,

What worked for me is to save the formula to a Date/Time field in the database, for example for me if a person books a 1 hour booking on the app, I add 1 hour to the start time within the confirm button in the end time field and save both start time and end time to the database when the user confirms the booking. Then to pull the information I use the magic text and it gives you the formatting options for Date/Time.

Hope this helps.


Thanks @Kasimjh – I’ve used the Date/Time field in the database to be able to access those date functions, but unfortunately am struggling with putting together a a custom date/time (i.e. not one of the pre-selected times, but instead something like X hours from now, or Y minutes from now). I’ve been able to calculate using Unix times, but not in the “no formatting” style yet.

Any ideas?

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