Can I create a marketplace application?

Hi guys i’m new to Adalo. Can I apply marketplace with Adalo? Does it have a database limit? Can this limit be increased as much as I want? I can make all the changes I want using ready-made templates, right Can it be used as a mobile application website I made? and will there be a sample link for the marketplace application?

Nobody to answer? pls

Yes you can make a marketplace app.

Database is limited to I think 50 rows of data on free version. If you get paid version this is 5gb which is plenty.

You can change the ready made templates for your app, that will work fine.

If you want a website version, use the ‘desktop web app’ type, if you want mobile version can use the ‘native mobile app’ type. You might want to make 2 versions of the app (1 native, 1 desktop), and share the same database. I suggest make for mobile first, then make desktop web app later.

thank you Business Plan 20k database It says the limit is it possible to increase it more? unlimited database limit?

In the future you can upgrade to pay for more data. There will never be a hard limit on how big the database can be but you may need to pay more. As Adalo is still developing, I don’t think there is a strict system in place yet, and people with huge databases will just talk to the Adalo team right now to sort this. I wouldn’t worry about this if you are just starting out.

OK thanks. For the marketplace application, there should be both a user and a vendor part. How can I design this?
Can you send us marketplace theme examples. The product that the user wants can be added.

And how can I create these two versions? How do I convert the mobile app to desktop?

It would be an idea to have a play with some of the apps on here to learn the mechanics. The e-commerce app, ordering app etc. will give you a good idea about having users and uploaded products etc.

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You don’t convert it, you would have to make a new app, new screens etc. However you can share the same database when creating a new app.

Also, Adalo is designed with ‘mobile first’ in mind. So it’s a good idea to start with native mobile version. The desktop web app versions are not responsive (do not scale well to screen sizes) - which is something to consider.

okay thank you. I do the application I want the way I want the rest is not important

I will do it by editing the ready template.

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