New users form. 2 user groups in database

I want to create two lots of users in a database. Users, and Owners. Howvwer i can’t seem to find how to add a signup form which has the Password and username field, or how to change a text filed into a password or username field. Does any have any ideas?

Instead of creating 2 collections for each type of user, why not use a boolean property in the user’s collection to identify Owners? If the value is True, they are an Owner. If the value is False, they are not.

Thans for the reply. What im trying to do is use the food trucks template to create another app for the owners of the food trucks to be able to see the orders which have been placed by the customer, and allow them to change their menu etc. So i need to let the owner register and then create their food truck. Once this has been done i somehow need to allow them to only see orders related to that food truck. I guess im stuck with that part of the relationship. Assigning a food truck to the owner.

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You will need to set a relationship property in the food truck collection that relates to the user collection. That way the user will be associated to the food truck.

Thanks Colin, i have done that and added the relationship that a user can own a food truck. Once that user has created the food truck does it automatically assign the food truck to the user?

No you will need to tell it to do that in the action for creating a food truck record. (This is likely found on the submit button action for the form to create a food truck).

You will need to make that record point to the Logged In User.

I think ive done that. If i shared the app would you be able to take a look for me?

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Yes. You post it here or DM it to me privately.

I sent you a DM Thanks

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