Can I create dynamic dashboard tiles for app?

I was thinking if there’s a way to create dashboard tiles in Adalo

Something like this

Also, would it be possible to add tiles ?
I want that whenever a user taps on the “Add” button, he’ll be shown a list of metrics (for eg, no. of visits, revenue this month, etc.), and once the user selects, that metric would be added in tile format. Is it possible ?

Hi @Nitish ,
You could use the first part as a list:

Then create a button with same design

when user clicks “Add” it could display a modal with those metrics, and when selected, it would add that to the previous list associated to the user (So there would have to be a relationship of 1st list with the user).

Hey @JL_LJ I though of this, but the challenge I face is the contents of the list are not static numbers, I need to generate them dynamically with a formula.
For eg, No. of visits today will be the count of entries in ‘Visits’ collection, Memberships expiring today will be the calculated by applying a formula to the ‘Membership’ collection

So how do I do this ?

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